Anonymous asked:

So, ummmm, I just have to say, you are really super cute, and your art is AMAZING.Ok, I'm gonna go now.. >////<

Are you sure you’re not broken?! You might need to get your wiring looked at, but I thoroughly enjoy your faulty circuitry anyway.

-from cute and talented cyborg, according to anon source(s), probably also cyborgs

I’ve decided my ideal way to define sexy relationships: a three-tiered bang network.

The outermost ring is the booty call realm. This one interests me the least right now, but exists in case I want to bring some acquaintances into the bang network.

The next tier is for friends + sexy times. Reserved for fundamentally platonic relationships that include sexy playtime at some level. Good collection to bring in for group stuff.

The innermost section includes feeeeelings. This area is the goopiest. 

My feelings bang network is geographically expanding in a few days, so I need to finish a gift drawing to accompany the person to Spain. It will be so goopy.



Do you desperately need cute wee catghost stickers in your life? Will a splash of cuteness help you cope with life’s misery and repel self-loathing? Then buy ‘em here!

Email me if you run into any weirdness with shipping. If you’re only buying stickers, it should be rather cheap. I’m still working out the kinks of using Shopfiy though.

WARNING very unlikely that these stickers will hinder your internal thought cycles of self-deprecation. However, they are quite capable of improving the aesthetic of your inanimate objects. Not recommended for use on animate beings. They’re having a rough time existing as is, so the sticky residue will just make their day shittier.