I won’t get married for a plethora of reasons, but if I banged a person with feelings consistently for a solid stretch of time, I would dig a ritualistic celebration of our relationship’s longevity by having a sex party. The attendees would be politically compatible queer babes. We would def talk about the resistance while engaging in mass sexy times. There would be an entire room dedicated to making bang paintings. Maybe the password will be erotic poetry (idea for the password borrowed from nomadsage's dungeon concept).

And for clarification, my functional definition of babe is not ‘hot chick’

Babe, n. Person of any gender who I find to be compatible based on aesthetics and squishy brains. Can apply to both platonic and romantic attractions.

Summer accomplishments summation

-Met cute awesome humans (looking at you tat-buns, nomadsage, & saramortis)
-A few sexy life goals achieved: attended first orgy, made a bang painting
-Used mostly healthy coping mechanisms to deal with grief from my brother’s recent suicide
-Didn’t kill myself
-Got gross goopy feelings
-Progress on learning German
-Drew buttz
-Read lots of books
-Found some like-minded political people here
-Memorized Kubla Khan